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Meet Charlotte Evans

Hi, Welcome to my part of the web. I am Charlotte! I am a wife, Mom & Grams & loving, watching over, supporting, educating, and guiding them is my purpose in this life. Along this journey, I have become very experienced with Dyslexia, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disorder, and Autoimmune Disorders, and then I began to understand about toxins in products I thought were safe for my family and how they impact all of those other things I already had been experiencing!
I am passionate about supporting the discovery of literacy, numeracy, thinking, remembering, mindset, success, a toxic-free environment, living to one’s potential, and making one’s best self.   I am driven to do my best to love, grow, show up, and share for all the days I get to love living.  I grew up believing I could not read and write like others, it did nothing for my self-esteem, and there is no chance I could speak up and say anything about it. I just place many limiting beliefs in my daily thinking, confirming I was not enough.

 One day as a struggling young widow attending university I learned of Dyslexia, and that sounded just like me! I was ecstatic to take on being Dyslexic instead of the stupid idiot I had formally thought. It was the difference I needed, not that everything instantly changed and life and learning suddenly became easy, no I just that I had to do life differently!

I am the loving, kind, unique, growing, literate, gifted, and creative Dyslexic Grams. I am an Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Tutor as well as assess and train with the Structure of Intellect I have taught many children to be literate, have number sense, and remember their math facts. I am proud to say that what we did together changed their life. I am so honored to be part of it! Any questions, just ask!

Now my children are having children and we, my husband and I happily still together after 33 years have the freedom to winter somewhere warm and savor the fruits of the Okanagan for the summer being close to the family. We have an amazingly abundant life, filled with love, happiness, and activities. Still, I feel the need to share my life lessons about literacy, numbers, memory, thinking, and supporting successful learning for our future leaders. How to read, write, numeracy, money, think, remember, solve a problem and make plans are fundamental skills for people of all ages and are necessary to be learned for successful living! If you want to improve any of these skills,  I would love to do that with you if you want to jump aboard.

Smiles and Hugs
Dyslexic Grams

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