Life with a dyslexic mind doesn't have to be so hard

Begin with an understanding of who you are  & how you affect your world.

                                                       Learn to Understand Your Mind & Body

Loving the Life I Live

Travel, Grandchildren, Our Boys & Hubby are the keys to my life.

I would not change a thing, but it has not been easy.

Literacy, confidence, and using my voice began when I was 40 years young, it was just the start of the improved me that was to evolve.

It was bad enough that I was not literate, it was not ok with me for my boys to be!
I changed it for them.

When school became a problem for my children,...

I could no longer stay silent and had to address my biggest fears and the problems that they were having. My son was in grade 4 & he was crumbling before our eyes. I had already failed with helping his grades 2 & 3 spelling school work and the frustration & helplessness that filled the house felt horrible. I had to confront the educators, questioning if my son could be dyslexic.

"Oh, I don't know! I don't think we have had dyslexic kids in our school before." Now I laugh, at least 1 in 5 people are dyslexic but understanding dyslexia is not well understood in school. 1.55 billion people are dyslexic and many of them will give great things to the world instead of being uneducated or even incarcerated... 

Thinking outside of the box, led me to understand dyslexia & how to be an Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Language tutor, teaching reading, writing, spelling & arithmetic too. Later  I was assess &  trained in the Structure of Intellect Assessment , certified to complete an education or career Analysis. Today I am so grateful. Together it all changed my life. 
I was 40+ yrs old when I became a capable & confident reader, a handwriter & could even spell.. I am proud of my accomplishment! Especially that I have changed the live for many children and families too.

Let me give you tips to guide you to understand who you are and who you are not!
A Little More About Me

Things I can't live without...

the love and support of my family!

I am from...

Peachland, BC, Canada

On the weekends I'm...

with my grandchildren, on the boat, or kayaking on the lake

My Largest Hurdle to overcome is...

Language! Learning to talk & communicate, understand; maybe not what they said but what they meant. How to process what is said, implied and what is literal. Words: take the correct interpretation & emotion from it, read it, write it, communicate with it!

Something people don't 
know about me...

I truly want the best for you but you have to do the work!

My favorite places on this planet...

Peachland BC Canada
Costa Rica
Quintana Roo, Mexico
South Africa

Are you looking to live well & thrive?

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