Set up a Dyslexic for Success

Do you wish you & your children could or liked:
  •  To read?
  • To learn?
  • To talk?

  • To Listen, understand, remember and do?

Do you want your children to get along well with others?

 Have friends, be included?

 How to help them to learn when they want nothing to do with it!

What was school like for you? You don't want that for your child.
Would you like your son or daughter to do better in school than you did?

Is it agonizing to watch your child struggle and not know what to do? 

Do you want a plan?

You know something is different, or off but can't label it!

You want the best for him/her, how can you help him/ her when no one can tell you what is going on or what to do?

I hear you! I have been there myself. I am here to train you to support them.  Contact me directly or read on.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

It all goes together; mind, body, senses, speech, and understanding.

To print you must hold a pencil, have a grip, apply pressure, know what to print, coordinate the hand to form the letters, and know the spelling to form the word. The memory to hold onto the word and sentence to write.

Clues about Dyslexia
Grade 2 & up 
Each person has his or her own collection of qualities. Which ones do your person have?

Press Play when you get there.

How Do You Want This To Go Down?
Thrive or Survive.
Need to Help Someone to Read or Write?
Created for Dyslexic Minds, good for everyone.

Take on the household "Learn Right Word Search through English"  Challenge
Embrace taking on the Complete Digital multi-sensory literacy system that can be done on a computer or with a pen & paper system, to Read, Write, Spell, and Speak English with the "Learn Right Multi-sensory English Language program"


Learning & a Positive Learning Environment
How to make a plan
Things to investigate
What to teach?
How to teach?
What must they know?
Where to learn? Is it safe?

You are their biggest advocate
Your only agenda is what's best for your child, everyone else has their own agenda.
Find out how other Dyslexics are conquering life in the Learn Right community.

or let's chat.
Be aware! Are harmful toxins lurking in your home without you knowing it? 
I didn't know how much there was and how it was affecting focus, distractions, thinking, digestive problems, headache and more.  

What do you want to know more about? contact me
Coming soon- Member area - more info about all these questions

Ways I Can Help
You are the leader of your family's journey. I am here to support you and your family. You are their advocate! Knowing, and watching their strengths and challenges allows you to support their needs.

A visual tale to master the time's tables once and for all! It has been the answer for all the kids I have told. A multisensory experience that works.


Learn Right Word Search program is to develop a vocabulary word bank to read and spell. Strengthens visual tracking, working memory, phonemic awareness as well as all the English language sounds with spellings.

Learn Right Language Program
Discover, hear, see, and do it 
A complete, 150-lesson multi-sensory program to discover all of English. To read, Spell, Write and speak.

Sensory Integration 
Brain Training
Change reversals, increase memory, improve confidence, & sensory integration
Watch as Mya goes through the exercise. She was comfortable with 5 digits, each person has their starting point. There is a series of exercises to work through to maximize memory, writing, & processing information. 

Watch Mya training her auditory, vision, working memory, long-term memory, spatial orientation, digit span and has illiminated reversals for many students I have worked with. 

Coordinating Direction; Right Left Up Down
Sequencing information in the correct order,
 facing the right way. 

Use multisensory activities to straighten out letters and numbers. 
My favorite is what I call "Brain Training".


Learn Sequencing Activities
Do it regularly and often until it is automatic

Nourish the mind and body
Family daily drink
We are what we eat. Many kids who struggle to learn have digestive challenges. Many others are very particular about textures and flavours. Ensuring they are getting the essential nutrients will only add to their thinking, attention, memory, and emotions.  Creating & maintaining a healthy gut will support your family's learning, attention, and memory.

Sticking to good-tasting, nutrient-rich foods and drinks can be easy with regular doses of Ningxia Red.

 It is packed with powerful antioxidants and superfoods.

Helps prevent oxidative stress.

Provides a nutritive infusion for whole body support

Contains a synergistic blend of Orange Tangerine, Lemon, and Yuzu Premium essential oils

Provides energy support without caffeine

Supports whole-body health and wellness

Contains powerful ingredients that are involved in many antioxidant processes

Supports normal eye health

Supports healthy digestion


He was tired after a day of school and had an hour of tutored he needed to do. I offered him a drop of peppermint or lavender and he chose peppermint. One good sniff and "let's get going," were his words. He had an amazing focused & productive session. When I asked at the end of the hour session, how he felt, he said "you better keep bringing that peppermint, with a smile on his face."
Using Essential Oils in your learning space
Diffuse, Apply, Ingest

Do you want help with  
  • Clarity
  • being alert or stimulation,
  • focus,
  • grounding, o
  • courage?

 Place one drop of oil on your hand, then place some on the inside of your wrist or elbow, the bottom of your feet, or neck. Rub hands together then tent hands over nose and mouth, deeply and slowly breathing in through the nose. You can also close each nostril breathe in with the other and change sides. 
Caution with peppermint and eyes, keep it away from them. If ever get oil in your eye, rinse it with olive or coconut oil, not water!

Essential Oil Blend
  • this pre-diluted blend can promote feelings of grounding and clearness while simultaneously helping to ease feelings of occasional stress and distract

Essential Oil Blend
  • Great to diffuse in work and study areas because its diverse aroma helps create an uplifting environment

Single Oil
I use it daily to focus, clear my mind and my breathing. When my head is tired and hurts, one drop spread around my hairline changes how I feel and I am able to return to the important things.  It can also be diffused to create a stimulating, focused atmosphere for daily tasks.

  • can be diffused to create a more focused environment and an uplifting atmosphere

Personally, when on an airplane and the crying baby was in the seat in front of me, I placed a drop of lavender on my hand, rubbed both hands together then waved them in the air in front of me. Within moments, the baby stopped crying and settled down with dad. Everyone felt relieved as the tension drift away, leaving Dad to say thank you at the end of the flight. It has been used so many times in my household. 
  •  has balancing properties that calm the mind and body

Essential Oil Blend. Roll on too.
  • features a spicy, sweet, positive aroma that inspires confidence and courage
It takes a lot of courage to keep showing up when learning hasn't gone well.

What to look for in a tutoring program.

To build language, it works best to cover all areas.

Click here to better understand each system.

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