Here's why I chose Young Living...

We looked like we had it all, but the health of my family was not good!

 I was struggling to have enough energy to keep up.

 I had regular headaches and 
                                            stomach issues, 
                              as well as my life, was stressed!

                      I am a Dyslexic, ADD, business owner, and 
                   operated a therapeutic tutoring business, 
                               raised our two boys, and
                             provide emotional support 
      to my husband who suffers after a traumatic accident 

       Most marriages don't survive I was told! Not mine I told myself! However, the emotional and physical impact on him had me fearing widowhood yet one more time.


And then I received the best gift, A Young Living Premium Starter kit from a friend, not knowing what I  had, I headed off to my first Young Living Essential Oil 101 class. 

Wow, what a game-changer for me! 

That is where I first discovered the lies, or the real truths, that the products we were using were toxic and harmful to our health, thinking, attention, memory & more. 

Instantly it clicked!

 We were making ourselves sicker without knowing it! 

What we were buying and using was potentially adding or causing our health problems, learning challenges, and problems with attention and memory struggles.

And then I learned Young Living cared as much about the health and well-being of families as I did, maybe more and I could trust every ingredient in every product they produce. 

My journey began with the Premium starter kit which had; 

Instantly I loved to simply inhale, place one drop on my hand, rub my hands together and cup my hands over my nose and breathe.
It was so calming & comforting, 
balancing and grounding,  
I also regularly use is as a skin oil 
                           I  diffuse it for a more focused environment, 
            add to skincare to reduce the appearance of aging,                       and reduces the symptoms of cough and cold 

The first place that went was in the lacrosse sports bag and stinky shoes! It removes unpleasant odors, freshens linens and laundry, and creates a clean refreshing environment. I use it as a bug repellent too!  Contains lemongrass and citronella, and makes a great companion to Thieves for cleaning your home.
                                    My savior! To calm my tummy troubles, 
                                             it helps with digestive discomfort
                       is a great companion to Young Living enzyme                         supplements 


refreshing & invigorating, 

cools the skin, 

all things muscle         
                                                         provides a calming aroma, 
                                     reduces the appearance of blemishes 
                    diffused to create a warm, inviting environment 

Fun Fact it has the highest amount of beta-caryophyllene 55% of any known essential oil 

                         relieves joint and muscle pain 
                            relieves digestive issues,
                 reduces symptoms of cough and cold 

Northern Lights Black Spruce -

                    farmed and distilled in Fort Nelson BC, 
           comforting and invigorating, 
rich, woodsy aroma

                                                                    joint &muscle pain,
                                                                                cough & cold 

Household clean next to have!
Thieves Household cleaner concentrate
Thieves Dish soap
Thieves Scrub
Thieves Laundry
Thieves Hand soap
Thieves toothpastes
Thieves cough and chest rub

First it's an essential oil blend

cleansing when applied topically, 

freshens any atmosphere when diffused, 

and helps relieve symptoms of coughs and colds-

 FYI This oil is the star of an entire line of products to help you rid of harsh chemicals from your home and replace them with safe, effective alternatives. 

Hand Sanitizer-

 kills 99.9% of illness-causing germs and bacteria,

 formulated with powerful essential oils and plant-based ingredients 

lightly moisturized with aloe vera and vegetable glycerin 

Ningxia Red
Maybe my favourite of all my favorites, Ningxia Red. For me, it is a daily drink!
I drink it to start my day
I drink it to nourish my body
I drink it to feel good
I drink it to revive me
I drink it for mental balance, emotional support and to support my body systems

The health and well-being of my family have definitely changed.  Everything I thought I could believe in was now to be questioned. I love that I can trust the products I buy from Young Living to be clean and free from ingredients that could be harmful. I also love that they care about the land, plants, animals, and people as well as are doing everything to be beyond sustainable and thriving.  I am so grateful to have found the company and community that comes with Young Living. They are a company of integrity, and quality, as well as,  they make products with purpose, not for profit.

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