Hi, I'm Charlotte Evans 
and this is my story! 

My story begins as the quiet, insecure, oldest of three girls of young parents. School was not a good place for me, I was teased & failed to learn as expected & unable to speak up about it.  However, I always thought I’d be a teacher but because reading and learning had not come easily I didn’t know how I could ever go to university! 

Instead, I married my high school sweetheart because he said he loved me and I was afraid no one else ever would. Choices were becoming about what I couldn't do and I had no confidence about what I could do. Unknowingly, anxiety and fear were already ruling my life, unable to speak my mind and I settled into that lifestyle.
Tragically, during our first year of marriage, my husband o died in a motorcycle accident. The worst and the best day of my life. I had to choose how to play this joker in the cards game of life. I did what any ordinary scattered, dyslexic, functionally illiterate person would do, I registered at the university to undertake a teaching degree. It was at the university I learned about dyslexia and knew suddenly that I was dyslexic and not dumb for all those years. It made sense and it felt good to look at things from a piece of new knowledge. I learned a lot at university, but I am grateful that I didn’t finish my teaching degree, becoming an Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Language Tutor was in my cards instead. 

For 22 years now I teach kids to learn, read, spell, remember, write, understand and calculate numbers. I help struggling kids to be successful. I assess to understand individual minds. I develop skills needed for literacy, numeracy, social skills, having friends, problem-solving, memory, following directions, sensory integration, information processing, and executive functions.

I train children, tutors, parents, and grandparents on how, and what needs to be learned and understood to be literate and successful. To set up Multisensory learning to benefit all learners and it can be used to teach all subjects. In addition, PTSD or Anxiety is very real for most if not all learning different kids and adults. Through my years of learning, I have acquired many tools, strategies, and techniques for calming worry, anxiety, fear, and distraction, as well as training auditory processing, focus, balance, and executive functions for kids and adults to take back their lives.
Understanding the mind and body as well as how we think, learn, and deal with living has become a large part of me. I push myself to live up to my purpose and potential. I have had many hurdles throughout my life and I handled them with love, courage, determination, and patients, I learned a lot along the way and came through being a caring kind driven literate person with strengths because of the challenges & achievements.

I am proud of who I am today.

I am here to support you in the understanding and education of your child or children.
I have created a digital multisensory interactive learning program to teach & learn to read, write and spell the English language.

Select scheduled online 1-1 sessions

I have classes about body systems, affirmations, 28 to elevate, nutrients, kid’s nutrients, teaching sequencing

If you feel in your gut that there is something not right about your child’s learning look for clues, red flags, and answers. The earlier the intervention the better the odds to hit learning potential.

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