Traveling Dyslexic
I Transform Dyslexic Lives

Traveling through days of a 
dyslexic life 
 A journey 
from Illiteracy to being literate 
the reading and writing struggles that are stopping you from a better life
I get it! I went from not reading --> confidently being able to 
read, spell, and write 
as well as 
beginning to straighten out a lot of my speaking issues
@ 40 yrs young 

teach literacy & numeracy

Calming anxieties 

Creating Success - turning your brilliant ideas into revolutionary realities

Developing confidence, 
processing information
emotional & physical wellness!

Where to go next
Understand, Support & Develop Skills 
to get you headed in the right direction
Where are you right now? 
Going up from here. 
To where you want to be.

Structure Of Intellect Assessment with Career Analysis & Remediation Packages
Dyslexic Screening & remediation recommendation


Multisensory Programs & Activities


Wellness or Education Consultation


Living Dyslexic

Understanding, tutoring, lessons, assessing, and planning a life with Dyslexic kids.

Creating physical and emotional wellness for the whole family.

Living with and evolving from emotional trauma and its physical effects on the body.

Caring for yourself so you can teach others to do the same!

 What else do I need to know?
Developing Successful Kids

Understanding, Strategies & Lessons
Smart kids who are Not getting It
This is the place!

Healthy Dyslexic Living

Learn more about my journey to a wellness lifestyle and the products I trust that keep me living well + learn how you can get your own and get started on your own wellness journey.

Emotional Wellness

Living with Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ADD, & Living a Fulfilled Life.
                  Good living to minimize PTSD, anxiety, and ADD.

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