Hi! I'm Charlotte!

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Dyslexic Grams

Understanding, tutoring, lessons, assessing, and planning a life with Dyslexic kids.

Creating physical and emotional wellness for the whole family.

Living with and changing emotional trauma and the physical effects it has on the body.

Caring for yourself so you can teach others to do the same!

Where to next?
Creating Successful Kids

If you need understanding, strategies or lessons for your smart kid who is not getting it, this is the place!

Healthy Living

Learn more about my journey to a wellness lifestyle and the products I trust that keep me living well + learn how you can get your own and get started on your own wellness journey.

Emotional Wellness

Having Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ADD, & Living a Fulfilled Life.
Good living to minimize PTSD, anxiety, and ADD.

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