Love Living Life  with PTSD, Anxiety, or ADHD

Living with or living with others who offer from
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Is a challenging difficult journey, with lots of emotions for everyone to deal with along the way. I continued to have faith that we would survive, dealing with life daily, through the downs and ups, and today we have come to a much happier and loving place.

 Take care of yourself, No matter what!
From the simplest things like brushing your teeth, washing your face...
Spend time with yourself-self love
acknowledge your thoughts - is it true or 
 has it just always been like that,
is it from society,
 an idea you began to believe because of life events
look at it
Question - Does this thought serve your best interests? Does it match your inner being? Emotions are the result of conflict with your own inner being.
Use Calming techniques
Your thoughts matters 
"************** "

                      What makes you smile?
Be Happy
It is your choice
STEPS TO Happiness
Like it or not we get what we put our thoughts to.  I am not saying you planned your Trauma, accident, disease... Things do happen beyond our control but what we do with them or think about it, matters. You can choose how to look at it, take the bad and continue with the story or find what will serve you by this happening. Not saying it is easy, it takes awareness and effort. Some thoughts aren’t even true but you are believing them and it is up to you to challenge the belief&  whether or not they match your purpose and values. Continue to think that thought or change it for something that makes you feel good. That matches the real you.

2. List, discover, and think about … all the things that put a smile on your face! Write them down, have pictures, do it, and see it in your mind's eye.
3. Surround yourself with things that make you smile. Each person's list is unique to them and does not listen to or hear others' judgement. 

Become aware of your words and thoughts - switch and ditch
Links Joe Dispenza
Abraham Hicks
Think and Grow Rich

Tools for emotional shifts
Things that can help in amazing ways. Give it a try! 
Inhaling specific essential oils
Aroma Freedom Technique AFT
Emotional Freedom Technique EFT ( Tapping)
Breathing exercises
Energy Medicine
Holding Neovascular points
Running meridians

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Benefits of a massage
Massage is my first go-to when emotions or pain are a problem. The energy in your hands is magical, then add oil, and love amazing things will happen. I have seen it happen often. You can experience it too!
An amazingly gratifying experience! 

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There are so many ways to give or receive a massage. Start with what you have and know.
You always have your hands, so start there.
I am a believer in essential oils, they have healing properties that benefit the body. They come from plants and work well in all body systems. They are especially helpful with emotions as by simply smelling an aroma, the molecules go directly through your olfactory system ( smelling) to your limbic system which controls emotions. When applied to your skin, the oils are absorbed and distributed through your body in moments, being utilized where needed. So cool! Remember the same is true about synthetic and fragranced produces, their harm quietly spreads quickly too.

                          Raindrop Massage Technique
Our Life Saver!

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