Ready to Embrace the Challenges? Strategies for Managing Dyslexia
Are You Struggling With;

  • Spelling, Reading, Writing, Speaking
  • Anxiety
  • Multitasking troubles
  • Short term memory 
  • Time management
  • Executive functions
  • Exams
I Get it! 
I learned to read, spell & write @ 40.

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Discover your limitless potential. Identify what holds you back and embrace you! Choose to change what is not serving you. Part of self care is train your mind and body,  through multi-sensory instruction and Structure of Intellect training, develop your thinking, memory, & writing, change your mindset to serve you and rejoice saying goodbye to anxiety. You will enhance your academic and career performance when you can understand what you read and spell what you want to share. You will gain an edge in business when you can remember the tasks, are organized, clear about your purpose, great at evaluating situations and problems to be able to lead in business, yours or someone-else

You can do it! You can make it happen. I would be honored to be part of your journey.

You are worth it! You are enough!

Hi Friends, I'm Charlotte
I am changing lives & building new possibilities

A fun, kind, loving, and caring women, dedicated to helping others, especially dyslexic women get to their own unique path of success.

Calling out to women and mothers who are or have children who are  anxious, insecure, introverted, sensitive to textures, sounds, tastes and maybe a dreamer or always active. To the women & Moms that recognize they and their cleaver children  are not doing as well as expected with school work . Feeling like you keep falling short on your ideas or plans and or watching your child crumbling in the school system. A system that often just doesn't match how they need to learn just as it didn't for you. 
You can't live like that anymore! Perhaps you struggled too but you want it better for your kids! Or you are done with the struggle and are to learn it differently.
One solution, train to be better, to be supportive, be  confident. improve the things that are having a negative impact on your days. literate, know how you & they learn. Get and give the lessons the way that it is right for you.

My Mission is to empower women to be their best!

Here’s How I Can Support You:

I help dyslexic women and children who struggle to understand and manage their dyslexia, cope with their anxiety and low self-esteem, and develop a strong mindset with the help of specialized dyslexia training to develop an confidence, inner peace, learning to learn and live life.

Learn ways to improve your memory & strategies to strengthen your speaking, writing & reading, as well as understand the way you process your information and communication challenges- talking & hearing. 

Things we can do together!

A daily exercise to enhance your memory abilities!

Having a dyslexic mind affects many areas of life, not just reading and spelling. Working memory for a dyslexic can be frustrating until you learn to manage it and grow what it can hold. What I also like about this program is that it eliminates reversals or backward numbers & letters when done regularly for a good period of time.

Schedule a Structure of Intellect Assessment or Dyslexic Screening

It is an intellectual assessment,  measuring  27 intellect abilities, a scoring system comparing to peer & grade level as well as remediation activities to increase the lower abilities. Explaining how each ability relates to learning and what it looks like developed and not yet developed.  It lets you know where you are now. You can do it and will be thrilled to learn how brilliant you really are.  It only gets better from here.

Education & Wellness Consultant

Talking to someone who understands makes putting a plan together easier. Need to learn, calm, set intentions, or build an emotional, educational, and physical wellness plan. Book a 30 minute consult free!

Learning at your pace!

Step by Step!
As fast as we can and as slow as we must!

12 Steps Overcome & Appreciate Your Dyslexic Mind

DIY Multisensory English Language Program

DIY Multisensory Word search through English Program

Check Out What Past parent said
I think of you often and with deep gratitude for the single-handed 
shaping of my girl. You were the force that grew her confidence & belief 
in herself. She has become one of the most grounded, driven & 
determined people I know. She sparkles with a humor that is so 
uniquely herself. She has wit and common sense and the gift of knowing her mind. 
Once she makes up her mind, she is direct and steady. 
Intensely responsible and just a huge delight to know!
Thank you for your constant role in her life as she 
journeyed through tumultuous elementary years to 
the rocky waters of high school.


Learn Right Word Search Program
  Reading & Spelling English

People like doing word search puzzles. I liked them when I couldn't read! This puzzle series will grow a word bank from zero to thousands of words. Using Multi Sensory activities to discover letter sounds and build words that contain that sound. The visual tracking exercise helps with reading, visual  discrimination and working memory.

Unlock the Power of Words with Engaging Word search Puzzles

Building  Memory, Vocabulary & Reading; Unlock the Power of Language:

 Enhance Reading, Spelling, and Vocabulary with The Learn Right Word Search Puzzle Program

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Check Out What Past Clients are Saying...

Charlotte is one of the most patient people that I know. She imparts value in each person she meets.

Louise Page

When I met Charlotte I knew we were talking on the same page. I put my child in her individual classroom with the faith that she will do better. I have seen a big change in my daughter. She is challenging herself now when math has been so challenging. I don't see her discomfort now and what's important is she has started to like math. I am grateful for that and happy for my daughter.

Each child was different and you understood them for who they were. They were resistant to begin and then they began to soar in each of their specialties. They learned all they needed and felt good about their accomplishments.

Begin to Live & Thrive Your Best Dyslexic Life

A basic free guide to begin today!

Caring for all of you!

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