Develop an Understanding of your Mind & Body

Ready to Embrace the Challenges? Strategies for Managing Dyslexia

Struggling with

  • Spelling, Reading, Writing, Speaking
  • Anxiety
  • Multitasking troubles
  • Short term memory 
  • Time management
  • Executive functions
  • Exams
I Get it! 
I learned to read, spell & write @ 40.

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Hi, I am Charlotte
I am making a difference in people's lives

A kind, loving, and caring individual,  dedicated to helping others find their own unique path to success.

Picture this: transforming from an anxious, insecure, introverted mother to a triumphant, self-assured individual with enough literacy skills to become a professional therapeutic tutor.

Grasping the skills & knowledge to understand the mind & body; perception, Information processing, memory, energy & mindset.

Calming anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs to develop confidence and capabilities.

I firmly believe that every person deserves access to top-notch education and a pure, natural environment. I am passionate about providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and live a vibrant, fulfilling life. With all-natural products and resources, I am dedicated to supporting your journey towards a healthier, happier existence.

Making the best of the life you have. 

I Love Living the Life I Live

My Mission is to empower you to be the best you can be!

Here’s How I Can Support You:

Dyslexia is a way of life, not an excuse! Maintaining your well-being, emotional, physical & educational is a big deal.

What are you doing to make Dyslexia work for you?

Learn ways to work with your memory & strategies to improve speaking, writing & reading, as well as understand your information processing system and communication challenges- talking & hearing. 

Let's begin!

Live & Thrive Your Best Dyslexic Life

Having a dyslexic mind affects many areas of life, not just reading and spelling.  It is a way of life and you can make many choices that will be helpful or make life even harder. The choices are yours!

Structure of Intellect Assessment & Dyslexic Screening

It is a measurement of where you are now. You can do it and will be thrilled to learn how brilliant you really are.  It only gets better from here.

Education & Wellness Consultant

Talking to someone who understands makes putting a plan together easier. Need to learn, calm, set intentions, or build an emotional, educational, and physical wellness plan. Book a consult!

Check Out What Past parent said
I think of you often and with deep gratitude for the single-handed 
shaping of my girl. You were the force that grew her confidence & belief 
in herself. She has become one of the most grounded, driven & 
determined people I know. She sparkles with a humor that is so 
uniquely herself. She has wit and common sense and the gift of knowing her mind. 
Once she makes up her mind, she is direct and steady. 
Intensely responsible and just a huge delight to know!
Thank you for your constant role in her life as she 
journeyed through tumultuous elementary years to 
the rocky waters of high school.


Learn Right Word Search Program
  Reading & Spelling English

Unlock the Power of Words with Engaging Word search Puzzles

Building  Memory, Vocabulary & Reading; Unlock the Power of Language:

 Enhance Reading, Spelling, and Vocabulary with Our Learn Right Word Search Puzzle Program

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Check Out What Past Clients are Saying...

Charlotte is one of the most patient people that I know. She imparts value in each person she meets.

Louise Page

When I met Charlotte I knew we were talking on the same page. I put my child in her individual classroom with the faith that she will do better. I have seen a big change in my daughter. She is challenging herself now when math has been so challenging. I don't see her discomfort now and what's important is she has started to like math. I am grateful for that and happy for my daughter.

Each child was different and you understood them for who they were. They were resistant to begin and then they began to soar in each of their specialties. They learned all they needed and felt good about their accomplishments.

Begin to Live & Thrive Your Best Dyslexic Life

A basic free guide to begin today!

Caring for all of you!

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