Teaching & Support 
for dyslexic kids to learn
 and strategies to be successful.

 Wellness tips for Moms.

How to Love Living Life 
Post Traumatic Stress (PTS),
Dyslexia,  Dysgraphia, & Dysnomia

Understanding an Individual's Mind & Body

Setting kids up for Success!
Be Their Biggest Advocate
What are their strengths? Where are they challenged?
Do you want your child to read? Write? Spell? Have friends?
Is your child struggling in school to read, follow directions, 
Can your child tell a good story but not be able to get it on paper?
Does you child have something to say but can't remember what it is called?
Does your child guess at reading words or know it in one moment but not the next?


More Cool Stuff Below   

Screening .for Dyslexia  or Structure of Intellect Assessment

How to  Love Living Life when you experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, stress, ADD or Dyslexia

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