I'm                   Charlotte    Evans 
Wife, Mom, Grams, Therapeutic Tutor & More
Oldest of three girls. My parents were young when I blessed them with my arrival. I was a cute blue eye, blonde hair, kind, quiet, insecure, shy little girl. 

School was not a good time for me, 

I was teased & failed to learn as expected & unable to get the words out to speak up about it.  

From somewhere deep inside of me, I always believed I would teach and help others but how when I could not read, write or talk as I should and learning had not come easily!

How could I ever go to university? 
How could I ever help others?

Dyslexic Grams

Understanding, tutoring, lessons, assessing, and planning a life with Dyslexic kids.

Creating physical and emotional wellness for the whole family.

Living with and evolving from emotional trauma and the physical effects it has on the body.

Caring for yourself so you can teach others to do the same!

Where to next?
Developing Successful Kids

Understanding, Strategies & Lessons
Smart kids who are Not getting It
This is the place!

Healthy Living

Learn more about my journey to a wellness lifestyle and the products I trust that keep me living well + learn how you can get your own and get started on your own wellness journey.

Emotional Wellness

Having Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ADD, & Living a Fulfilled Life.
Good living to minimize PTSD, anxiety, and ADD.

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