CanAmMex & Back Journey 2022                        Day 1 Peachland, BC to Calgary, Alberta

CanAmMex & Back Journey 2022

  Monday, September 26, 2022 

Starting location - Peachland                            Finishing today - Calgary, Alberta 

We are on our way to a trip of a lifetime! 
 Many have sent good wishes! 
Many say "Wow, you're driving! You must like each other a lot to spend that much time together." 
Some have said, "I have always wanted to do that trip" at least all the way across Canada.
We have been married 34 years as of yesterday. We have two adult boys 33, and 31, and three adorable grandkids, one girl and now two boys! It is hard to be away from them for so many months but WiFi is fabulous to stay in touch. I expect to make at least 35 years!  
We did begin planning a few years ago but the world travel restrictions did get in our way. So now it is time to make it happen.

Oh yeah, it going to be interesting! There will be moments I am sure. The exploration ahead of us is exciting. We have packed everything we think we may need.

Summerland,  Penticton, we have been down those roads regularly but the roads beyond are less or never traveled.
Plan for day 1

We live overlooking Okanagan lake. Grateful each day for the view.  Our journey begins driving south along Okanagan lake to Pentiction. The sun is just rising, the colours are magnificent to send us on our way.

Penticton sits in a perfect location between two large lakes, the south end of Okanagan lake and the north end of Lake Skaha.

Okanagan (0K), Falls,

The time of the day we were traveling was spectacular. The sun was rising and casting beautiful sunbeams over the already picturesque scenery along the way.

Oliver, BC 

Doug has traveled through this area for golf over the past several years but I have not. I like watching how the trees change,  beside lakes then rising into rocky hills, windier roads, and new varieties of trees then into flatter areas now lined with grape vines, and fruit orchards. Something to see in every direction I look.


Coming out of Osoyoos is a steep, windy, switchback road.   There are metal animal artwork pieces displayed as you climb the mountain. The view back down the valley is magnificent. 

 Bridesville, BC
The population of some communities is very small.

Midway, BC
I appreciated the sun rays casting through the sprinklers as the fields were being watered! 
Grand Forks, BC

Seventeen minutes from Grand Forks is Christina Lake.

 I always thought Christina Lake was a small lake, but it is Not! As a teenager I heard that it is a warm lake. 

From the highway, there are only a few quick moments to be able to see the water. 

Then the climb begins past the lake and Gladstone Provincial Park. The forest is thick with evergreens and the ranges layer in the distance. The climb is substantial with some good twists and turns up and down the other side of the Paulson summit.

 I have driven this mountain pass many times in my lifetime and I always am in awe of its beauty. Today was another one of those days and better because it was the first day of such a big adventure.

It's referred to as the Blueberry Paulson highway. With an elevation of 1,446 metres, it provides a good climb. A warm-up for some higher summits, like Kootenay Pass West of Creston.

Palson Highway, BC

Up and over the summit and down into

Castlegar, BC

Settled in the valley, where the Kootenay River joins the Columbia River and flows south into the USA. The Columbia comes off the Arrow lakes and Kootenay lake,  from Kaslo to Creston narrowing into the arm at 
Belfour and past 
 Nelson and becoming a river as it travels south. There are several hydro dams on that stretch of the river before it joins the Columbia River in Castlegar.

Salmo, BC

A small community surrounded by creeks, rivers, high mountains, and another variety of evergreen forests, tall and more slender than the Ponderosa pines of the Okanagan. Attempting to identify trees is a tad tricky as we drive past but I can sure appreciate the beauty. 

One of the last times we were on this highway, 32yrs ago, it got the best out of our pickup truck. While towing a travel trailer on the last days of a month-long road trip, with a 3yrs old and toddler, we blew the motor climbing out of Creston to Salmo. That turned out to be quite an adventure we had not seen coming.

This time our truck purred!  

Fruitvale area, BC

Stagleap Provincial Park, BC


Creston, BC

Creston sits at the east end of Kootenay Lake. There is a second Kootenay river that comes out there and winds its way into the United States. Being surrounded by mountains and Provincial parks there is also an abundance of creeks and rivers the road crosses and follows along. I love looking at water and capturing the beauty on film as we drive along makes me feel happy and satisfied.

Yahk, BC

Impressed with everything we are seeing! I knew BC is a spectacularly beautiful province, but seeing it all during a fabulous blue sky, fall day was full of WOW moments as new views appeared around each corner.

Driving toward, alongside, and eventually through the Rockie Mountain at the Crowsnest past was stunning!

Moyie, BC

Cranbrook, BC

Fort Steele, BC

Wardner, BC

Jaffray, BC

Galloway, BC

Elko, BC

Fernie, BC 

I was in Fernie as a teenager. Fernie was where I went skiing with my school, as the mountains are fabulous. I didn't appreciate the beauty of the area then as I do today!  

Sparwood, BC

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Bellevue, Alberta
A massive landslide, Known as the Frank Slide. It came down in 1903.

Getting close to Calgary was the first time that Google directed us to take a road less traveled.  Doug says really, you are taking me off a perfectly good road and putting me on a road that literally goes through the farms and even becomes gravel at one point. When looking at the map, I can see that it goes where we want to go but it does not tell me about the gravel and dust. Thank goodness it doesn't last long and we join up to the highway more traveled and all is good again.

Calgary, Alberta

 We arrive in Calgary, 11 hours after we left Peachland. It will be our longest day of driving but it was worth it. The beauty of the drive, the ever-changing landscape, the trees, creeks, rivers, mountains, and all the twists and turns on road made the time fly by. We were thrilled to arrive at my sister & hubby's new home in Calgary for a fabulous dinner, a short visit, and a great night's sleep. Getting ready for another day.

 – Diversity in the scenery of Desert, Valleys, Rockie Mountains, 

Anxieties Do I have everything packed? Where did I pack it? What is the route? Are the phones safe to use, and roaming? Will the truck run well?

Gas Prices
 $2.04/litre   West Kelowna
$1.79/litre    Grand Forks
$1.75/litre  Osoyoos
$1.49/litre Calgary

Click the link to watch our driving videos

 Well, that is day 1 of a journey expected to last 6 months.  Across Canada, South through the USA into Mexico along the gulf, and around the peninsula, the Mayan Riviera. east across Mexico and North up the Pacific coast and back to the Okanagan. What a journey it will be!
Thoughts,  ideas, questions, comment below I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the journey! 

Charlotte & Doug

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